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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

August 11, 2013

Blossom: Welcome once again. Are you receiving me?

The Federation of Light: It is always with the greatest of Love that we do so. 

Blossom: One of the translators wanted to me to ask you about Muhammad and Islam and wanted more explanation for they felt there was a missing piece to the story. Are you able to speak on this?

The Federation of Light: We would find it more fitting to not speak of this … or indeed any religious matters. This is not meant to offend the questioner in anyway … and yet we would state that SO VERY MUCH IN ALL RELIGIONS is not what it is given to be. In that … so much of what is considered TRUTH that is written and passed down through many many generations has been tampered with to suit ‘the times’.

The questioner may or may not find what we are about to say a satisfactory answer.
Throughout your history wars have been battled … lives have been lost … arguments debated … all for the purpose of saying that ‘Their God’ is the correct one.

Blossom: I am struggling a little for I feel you about to say ‘There is no God’ and as much as I do not FEEL God is a person … I FEEL it is an energy of Love … why would you say ‘There is no God?’ Am I right in thinking that is what you wanted to say?

The Federation of Light: To a little degree … yet perhaps you jumped the gun! We were to advise that there is no God in the sense that many consider God to be. 

When those in your world KNOW of the text ‘GOD IS LOVE’ … then this  … from our point of view of offering wisdom … is a far more accurate statement. 

The more one grasps this as TRUTH the more understanding of self one shall accomplish.

So therefore … we consider it ill advisable to discuss matters of religion.

That is not to say that many many many enlightened Beings of the Highest form have not walked amongst you. Their teachings at the time were plain to see. Yet as we stated earlier … through time … much which was of Truth has been distorted in order for fear and control to precede any ideas of the TRUTH and WONDERMENT of the self.

We would say to you that YOU SHALL ALL KNOW GOD … in the sense … YOU SHALL ALL KNOW LOVE … in its Highest form … for you are of/from it. 

In the days ahead as your Beings delight in the KNOWING of the reason you are upon this Earthly plane in your Earthly form … you shall not only discover that YOU ARE GOD … you shall accept the position you find yourselves in and glory and revel within that status.

That which is to transpire shall depend upon YOU. Each one of YOU. 


Blossom: Could you elaborate on that a little? I am assuming that it means that when we advance to a certain awareness of heart and thought, then we will ‘get’ that there was no need to ‘await the assistance’ of Beings from ‘elsewhere’ … because all that we need is within us .

The Federation of Light: This is correct and yet that is not to say that visitations from ‘off world Beings’ will not enhance the process. For we say in all Love and respect … You will be in much appreciation as these days draw closer to your ‘link ups’ with one another. For the advanced life forms ... both in Love and of technical knowledge ... will ‘blow your minds’.

Yet these friends that are to visit you … shall be fully recognisable for they were agreeable to the plan when it was first formed and therefore have been known to you since the beginning.

How wonderful that you are now so very close to the ‘meeting up’ once again … where all can rejoice and say ‘We did it’!

Blossom: How wonderful indeed.  May we change the subject? Many would like you to speak about addictions and why some seem more susceptible to ‘attachments’ to such things as alcohol, cigarettes and both light and heavy drugs.  Would you care to share thoughts about this?

The Federation of Light: This is quite an involved subject matter yet we understand that for many there is need to delve into such a topic.

There are many reasons why a soul becomes involved initially with a particular ‘assistant’… if we may term it such. It is the nature of the drug of course ... in many instances to be addictive in order to ‘destroy ‘ … we speak here in the case of your cigarettes. Whereas with such ‘potions’ as alcohol … it is not that there is the addictive chemical  involved … the need for more comes … because one enjoys the escape ... to begin with . It is when one allows the drink or drug to control them … rather than the other way around … that the issue lies. 

Blossom: Yet no one WANTS to be a drug addict or an alcoholic ... so why is it that some ‘fall for it’ and some do not?

The Federation of Light: That would be a question that has many answers. 

Blossom: Can you give us a few?

Self-doubt … where the drink or drug offers confidence.

Manipulation … where the drug serves to convince the soul that they function so much better ‘with it’ than 'without it’.

Burial of past misdemeanours … where the chosen ‘outlet’ blocks off any remembrance of unwanted memories.

Denial … when one simply ‘chooses’ to accept that they have any of the above problems.

All in all for the soul that has an addiction … it is a journey they chose.  They have the choice always to release themselves from it or to remain with it. It is a decision of yes or no! As unwelcome as that sounds to many ... that is the answer in its simplicity.

Blossom: So clearly, a soul before incarnating would not choose to be an addict.

The Federation of Light: How do you know?

Blossom: Why would they?

The Federation of Light: Because of the soul lessons it can bring them.

Blossom: Yet if they had any sense they would find another path.

The Federation of Light: Not if that path was the quickest way to reach an understanding of themselves. Yet there would of course be the risk that they were unable to undo the addiction once the lesson was accomplished. There would be the ‘danger’ of that … yet a risk one may choose to take.

Are you able to understand that a life path that one may choose may seem to be ‘most out of sorts’ to one soul … yet to another it is a necessary one in order to evolve and grow around a given matter that they had not been able to grasp in lives past . Whether one falls along the way side on purpose is not the issue. The struggle for the soul would be to recognise that a matter is accomplished and then ‘get back on board’ so to speak. Some sadly … become too lost in their quest and do not ... as they had planned … find their way out in that given life time.

Yet … we say to you … and some may find these words ‘heartless’ yet they of course are not … IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER! 

Life is eternal … It is an experiment ... It is a game … There is always another and another and another to be played. Sometimes you win … sometimes you lose … UNTIL … such a time when the loosing ceases … for all lessons have been learned and there is no need for repetition to ‘cement’ a KNOWING. 

In your world when you play the same game over and over … eventually one gets bored of it and moves on/changes to a different game. 

The time is coming dearest friends when ‘THE GAME IS UP’. This particular game.
It is time for a new one to fall into place and with it comes the excitement of something new. 

As one learns the rules and how to play … one simply becomes more skilled with each throw of the dice … with each opportunity to advance. 





Blossom:Blossom:Ok … here we go … No offence to your TRUTH … for I KNOW you are of it … yet I no longer get excited when you say such things. I KNOW you speak TRUTH … I KNOW IT … I KNOW IT … What YOU DON’T KNOW … is that when you say such things as you just have … I and many take it with a pinch of salt … because ALTHOUGH IT IS TRUTH and I KNOW YOU ARE COMING ONE DAY … it is the ‘WHEN’ that puts this whole thing out of whack! Year after year we get told of THE CHANGE …  the BIG CHANGE … not this gradual one we are experiencing … only to be told the same things again next year and the next! Don’t misunderstand me. I am ok with this. I am fine with this … I just feel it is better not to talk of these things until such a time when ‘the time’ is near.

The Federation of Light: We accept that which you are saying and we too have learned from your/our experience not to ‘leap ahead’ due to your time zones which we do not have.

Therefore … we say to you … BE AWARE … for when THE CHANGE arrives it will most likely take your BEINGS by total surprise … and you will say ‘YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN US THE HEADS UP’ and we shall say ‘WE DID … BUT YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE US’!

Blossom: Ha! That’s funny!!  That’s very funny!! OK my friends. Looks like that’s the nod for the end of the session . Thank you … and I am so very much looking forward to having you use my body to talk to those present in Sydney next weekend. Don’t forget your passport and no sharp tools or liquids over 100mls … they are very strict about that in our world!! I am very excited about it all.

The Federation of Light: Indeed dearest one … we FEEL the very same way. 

Blossom: See you there … oooh! I just got very teary! In love and so very much thanks to you.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

August 03, 201

Blossom: Good morning. I think I was a little too ‘sickly’ when I tried the other day. My flu has now flown. Is all well now?

The Federation of Light: We very much appreciate your keenness and yes we would say we are in full throttle and ready to chat with you.

Blossom: That’s great. I have a question that I would like to ask on behalf of many who have written in and that is … ‘How can one be in JOY as we have been asked to do ... if they are suffering great pain … be it physically or emotionally?’ I am blessed in that I suffer neither these days, yet many do and when one is in continual pain or depressed … it is not AT ALL easy to BE IN JOY. Can you offer some wisdom to those who FEEL this way?

The Federation of Light: Let us first of all state that one’s life path is an individual one. That which is ‘bestowed’ upon a physicality is through choice for the benefit of self.

Blossom: Let’s dive straight on in here … ‘Bestowed’? I would imagine that will offend many who are suffering … It is hardly a blessing!

The Federation of Light: And yet we would disagree. For all that is ‘given’ to the soul is an opportunity no matter what form it takes. One will find it difficult to understand that they have ‘asked’ for a particular disease or that they have ‘asked’ to suffer for many many years with an ongoing ailment. Yet we say to you this is so. There are many reasons for this … which of course will be according to the soul’s journey and its needs.

Here also we would like to talk about karma. One tends to think that if they have a debilitating illness maybe it is due to something they have done in a past life and that they are paying their debts.

This is not the way we would put it. There are no debts to pay.

Blossom: What … even with murderers etc? … People who have committed great crimes?

The Federation of Light: This is correct. It is not ‘another’ that judges ones behavior at any given moment and decides what ‘punishment’ one should have. It is not like that at all. It is the individual soul who decides its pathway and what will serve its soul in any given life time.

If perhaps one was to maim another in a previous position … then they do not get ‘punished’ by being maimed by another in a future life time. That soul may well CHOOSE to be maimed by another … in order to experience that which they put on another ... and in that way they are repenting for what they may have done … yet they are not paying a debt. It does not work like that.

Blossom: So what would be the benefits of deciding to be really ill for most of a given life time? … What gain is to be had when it is so hard in that situation to be of JOY?

The Federation of Light: It would depend on each individual circumstance as we have stated. There are many many reasons why this would take place. If it is from a learning curve point of view then the soul … although not understanding ‘why’ in the present situation … would perhaps have chosen that for the soul’s growth. It was a hard yet necessary situation to undertake and Truly only fully understood when out of the experience. If the soul knew WHY it had such an ailment it would not gain all that was possible through it.

Blossom: I know quite a few ‘Enlightened Beings’ that have had such a hard time with the physical body … really painful times … when they cannot get out of bed most days … year after year. HOW can they be of JOY as you ask?

The Federation of Light: We DO understand what you are trying to put across. Yet we are concerned a little that it may not be understood what we are trying to put across to you. For we are coming from an entirely different perspective. We ask those who are suffering to KNOW that what we say comes ONLY THROUGH LOVE for you … even though you may not accept it.

JOY does not come from any physicality. It is not physical. JOY comes from within the heart place.

Blossom: And?

The Federation of Light: And if it is that one has ‘chosen’ to experience pain in its different forms … who is to say that it is not the challenge asked for … to find the JOY of life ... even amongst all the hardship?

May be one chose it to be a shining example to others.  May be one chose it to assist another in their understanding in patience. Maybe the illness was entirely ‘sacrificial’ … in that one ‘offered’ to undergo such pain in order to serve another.

Would one do that you ask? Of course … You would be surprised at the extreme lengths a soul will go to in order to benefit the whole.

Blossom: Yet I am sure many would say ‘You try! You try finding JOY when every day you have to get through this constant pain’.

The Federation of Light: And with respect … with ALL respect … we would say ‘No … you try! For it is you that has asked for it’.

The issue we believe … for the soul in such a position of that which you speak  … would be arguing our words as they read them.  Yet we ask you to TRUST that what we offer in wisdom is from our TRUTH.



Yes … there are those that choose to suffer day after day and their pain is great and they moan and moan and moan. There are those that choose to suffer and their pain is greater … yet they offer ONLY LOVE to others and will always find a smile. Which of these is an example of LOVE? Which leaves ‘hope in hearts’?

Blossom: I do see what you are saying … but I must keep going here for clarity. I have had quite a few times in my life’s experience when I have been pretty sick and ‘my life force’ has almost left me. I had not the strength to ‘BE OF JOY’ … and certainly at times when in pain for a long time … there was no JOY in me to be mustered. The pain takes over … where is the JOY in that?

The Federation of Light: There is none.

Blossom: I rest my case.

The Federation of Light: Yet … there is HOPE! Here again we focus on one’s attitude. We would be as bold to say also that:


If one … no matter what … focuses on the best outcome … ALWAYS … then without question the best outcome will derive from that focus.

IT MAY NOT BE THE BEST OUTCOME THAT ONE EXPECTED … Yet it will be the best outcome for the benefit of the soul.

These words may be difficult to absorb for many … yet they are of TRUTH.


One can be in great pain … yet find a joke or two. One can focus on a life without the pain … even when ‘tortured’ by it in each moment ... Or one can focus on the pain and how it is destroying their lives and wondering if there is any practical point in continuing on.

Friends … we ask you to take these words into the depth of your hearts.


Therefore … may we offer another perspective? If you KNEW that the illness and pain you have was chosen by you to allow you to be a better soul … then BE OF JOY about that. Be JOYFUL that you are serving your souls desire in this way.

The soul gains so much insight through having to experience the opposite of JOY. Yet there is a peaceful understanding that can enter the spirit self when there is no judgment of self.

Many may ask ‘Why me. Why should I deserve such misery?’ We would say ‘No-one deserves misery.’ Yet many may adopt the thought pattern that they must have done something terribly wrong in another life time to have to suffer the way they are in this one.



Blossom: There are those also who FEEL that due to their pain/illness etc. they may not be here on the planet to witness ‘THE EVENT’ that you speak of and this saddens them greatly because they FEEL ‘What was the point of their lives if it was wracked with pain and then they had to leave the physical before experiencing the glory of what has been keeping them going … THE EVENT '… if you see what I am saying?

The Federation of Light: We do.

KNOW THIS. Not one soul leaves this planet accidently.

Blossom: White Cloud has spoken of this and although I can accept it … I find it hard to fathom.
The Federation of Light: Each soul KNOWS when they are to be born and when they are to depart from the Earthly experience.

Blossom: What about suicides?

The Federation of Light: That is another matter.

Blossom: Is it too delicate a one to discuss? As it contradicts what you have just said about 'not one soul leaving accidently.'

The Federation of Light:  A soul who chooses to take their life is not committing a crime. Let us make that perfectly clear. For there are indoctrinations in your world that would disagree.

One who is so disturbed and saddened by ‘life’ that they FEEL the burning desire to leave … does so out of desperation. Do you think those enlightened ones on the other side of the veil would ‘shoo them away’ … ‘push them aside’ … when more than ever they are needing Love and consolation? Of course not.

Some rules in your world have such far reaching ‘side effects’ that are totally unnecessary.

If one was to question such things and come from a place within … these matters would immediately present a TRUTH that would MAKE SENSE … coming from Love. A lot of rules which one automatically accepts because they are taught not to question … make absolutely no sense at all … and yet so many  ‘blindly’ accept them as fact.

There is also the possibility that a soul may have taken their own life by agreement to assist another ... who is left behind ... in their growth.

So much … so much dear friends cannot be understood … because there is so much to understand!! And definitely from ones Earthly perspective ... one can become so lost in the ‘but what if this ’ or ‘how come that’.

Blossom you can feel as we send these words through to you that there are volumes more about each subject we speak … yet it simply is not possible to grasp it all and put it into words. Is this not so?

Blossom: Yes … and this is where I guess … I have this KNOWING that you speak of. I do not KNOW everything that YOU KNOW on a certain matter … yet I KNOW I KNOW it all on another level of myself … if that makes sense. I fully accept these days that being in this Earthly body restricts so much of our knowledge and yet I FULLY EXPECT that as we move on up the scale … more and more of this KNOWING will be brought to the conscious level … instead of where it is now … in the unconscious.

 The Federation of Light: These are wise words.

Blossom: Wax on … wax off.

 The Federation of Light:
So we shall end this communication today with reiterating our intention of today's subject matter.

Those of you who are in the situation of that which we have spoken of … will either become very angry at these words … or you will recognize them within your heart place and accept them and find the JOY within your quest .

For those who are angry … there will come a time when the anger shall subside and JOY shall replace it through ones attitude … if one so chooses.

Blossom: Glad I am just the messenger here! I know it is time to go … but could we just clarify about 'those concerned about leaving before THE EVENT is upon us?'

The Federation of Light: Indeed. Those who agreed to be here for THE EVENT will be here. Those who agreed to conduct their energy of THE EVENT from elsewhere … shall be doing that.


Each one of you whether in the physical body or not … shall be exactly where they are meant to be … and wherever that is … NOT ONE SOUL SHALL MISS IT  … OR INDEED MISS OUT.

Blossom: Many thanks guys. We all appreciate your time and wisdom! In Love and thanks as always.

The Federation of Light: Ditto. Until next time … please make sure you make time to FEEL OUR LOVE FOR YOU.

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